12 Months Old

Thursday, March 29, 2012


My babies are one year old!

I have procrastinated writing this post, because in a very silly way it feels somewhat final.  The last chapter in their newborn & baby lives.  I have so enjoyed and treasured having babies in the house again. Many would say that the first two years of having twins is difficult and they would be right! But, it has also been filled with such joy & sweetness.


There are so many new adventures ahead- walking, talking, running, and all the wild things that boys will do. I am sure, I will say that I enjoy them best, right where they are at. But, one last time I do have to say that this year was special and my heart hurts a bit that has come so quickly.




At one years old he can be quite fickle! One meal he open his mouth wide open and close his eyes for each bite of food.  The next, he clamps his mouth shut and refuses to eat. Some days he eats a ton.

Gets pretty excited about his bottle of milk, but watch out when he’s done that glass bottle goes flying. My wood floors will forever bare the marks from this period of our life.

Climbing stairs (first attempt- laughing all the way)

Pulling to standing on everything. Often it’s at my legs as I am trying to make yet another meal!

Babbling Dada, Ella, Hi, Mama

Getting wiggly. Having a harder time sitting through church

Loves putting objects in and out of things




Always up for eating. Both boys can eat an astonishing amount of food.

Loves his bottle of milk

Right on Royce’s tail if not leading the way to trouble

The morning of their first birthday they were both found throwing their new toys into the toilet

Says Hi, Ella, Bye Bye, Dada, Mama, Thank you

Parroting back words

Recognizing attention and will put on a little show, especially to make his sisters laugh

Pretty happy all the time

And a few reasons why this post took so long….








And, that’s a wrap on the first year!

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  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    What a treasure you have!!! Its all downhill from here...well, ok, maybe not! But the first year is definitely one for the record books! Be blessed as you continue to raise those precious boys (and girls) for His glory!


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