14 Months

Monday, May 21, 2012


A lot of things have happened in the last two months!  Both boys went through a bout with double ear infections.  I have yet to recover from the insanity of two insanely fussy babies. Amidst that, both boys completely weaned. And, we finally have a diagnosis for Roycey. Whew! I am tired!



When he hasn't been sick he has been such a goof ball. He does this head bobbing thing that cracks us all up.

Sporting a teething necklace.  I think it’s working?!

One of his first words is “Go”. We say “Ready, Set....” and he quickly chimes “GOOOO!”. He also says “Ella”, “Gank You”, “Hi”, and “Night Night”. He says “Dada” and “Mama” but he doesn't purposely call us by names yet.

Taking steps if he is holding onto something.

Loves crawling up and into things. Their favorite play spot is in the cabinet.

Favorite toy hands down is a ball.

Loves being outside.

Will be having surgery for a probable Urachal cyst at OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital. More to come on that.




Walking around objects that he can hold onto.

Loves closing doors.

Will ALWAYS, EVERYTIME, WITHOUT FAIL give me a kiss when asked.

Frequently crawls over and rests his head on us.  He stays for a little back rub or kiss and then he is off playing again.

Holds the phone (or any object) up to his ear and say “Hi” and then a bunch of gibberish.

Says “All Done”, “Go”, “Gank You”, “Night Night”, “Ella” and babbling.

Hands down favorite toy is a ball.

Both boys steal toys from one another and then get mad.  We have already seen a few little fights break out.

Loves being outside! 

I love my little men!


  1. My heart hurts seeing how big they are getting. So so precious.

  2. My heart hurts seeing how big they are getting. So so precious.


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