Royce’s Surgery

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our sweet little Royce had his umbilical surgery yesterday. It was also our 14 year wedding anniversary!

Here he is all ready to go back to the operating room.

Royce Pre Surgery

And post op. Not feeling so great.

Royce Post Surgery

I am thrilled to report that the surgery was quick and no internal exploration was needed. As soon as the anesthesia cleared his system he was his normal cheerful self.  Although he did take a nearly 5 hour nap! Sweet boy hasn’t even needed Tylenol.

Thank you Jesus for protecting us.



  1. Glad to hear everything went better than expected!

  2. The pictures of you and Royce are too sweet. Thank you, Jesus!!

  3. I hope he's doing well, and that you're enjoying your summer!


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