Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let me tell you, twins are a whole different ball of wax when it comes to the sleeping game.

In the beginning they still crave close contact so sleeping together is quite helpful.


Once they start moving and talking sleeping together just doesn’t work as well anymore.

As you can see even separating them can still be a bit distracting. Not much sleep going on here.


The combination of homeschooling, nursing, twins, 4 kids, etc. has kept us at home a lot more this time around than with our previous two. The only problem with that is the twins haven’t learned to sleep well in other environments.  They rarely take a nap or go down anywhere but home. We have tried putting them down at grandma’s several times and they just won’t go to sleep.

I am dreading what our sleep might be like when we go camping in a few weeks. The idea of two crying/not sleeping babies doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Plus, the whole famdamily gets to hear it.

So, today we started an experiment.

Both boys are back to co-sleeping in the playpen that we hope to bring camping.

It started off like this.

co-sleeping 1

And, an hour later we are here. I am slightly worried that I can’t even see one of them, but they appear to be sleeping so I am going with it.

co-sleeping 2

Anyone volunteer to let us bring this to their house?


  1. Aww this made me laugh. I would like to say that it only gets better with twins and sleeping, but I can't say that it does. The twins are almost 4 and we are now getting a point where they are staying in bed and actually listening. You are one brave woman to take them camping!! I can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

  2. pick me pick me... :)... I was just thinking that we need to have you all over again :)... Realistically speaking i don't think it will work right now seeing that our apt is like an oven... want me to rise some dough for you??? I love the pics and truly can't wait to have you 6 over again. I will check with Daniel's schedule and see what Sunday would work... XO

  3. They're too cute! Glad you found something that is working so far!

  4. Anonymous6:55 PM

    If your boys are anything like most them hard during the day and they hopefully will crash at night!! We took the twins to Hells Canyon when they were 9 months old...yep, I'm a crazy woman! I was still nursing, too! So your camping trip sounds like a piece of cake to me!! :) Looks like you're starting with a great idea though having them sleep somewhere else to get used to it. Are you doing naps there too? Try to relax and have fun!! If nothing else, you'll have great memories of the crazy time you took them camping when they were young!! :) ~Pam


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