A year and a half

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I haven’t blogged about the boys in a while because it’s a full time job just keeping up! They literally have us cracking up or throwing our hands up in surrender.


This age is a lot of fun and at times a lot of...hmm… can’t think of the right word…. frustration? They are literally developing right in front of our eyes. Every day they do, say, or understand something new.


They are into everything. Our house is literally destroyed within minutes or them waking. Picture hundreds of things- Jenga blocks, balls, cars, play food, pots, pans, train sets, trucks, books, etc. It’s everywhere.


Sisters are so good about cleaning up all of the boys’ messes. I don’t know what I would do with them- the girls, not the messes. Ha ha!

front porch


Royce is very smiley

He says “Up” a lot

He likes to have the back of his head rubbed

He can be a little whiney and he is oh so stubborn (It’s his father in him Smile) It’s funny I wrote this a week or two ago and never posted. If I was writing this post fresh today, I would have swapped this out of Royce’s column and into Lawson’s.  This is how our boys are. They flip flop back and forth.

Both boys love other men. They love their grandpas!

He can be a bit of a mama’s or daddy’s boy

He has become quite a picky eater. He is currently not eating: meat, cheese, or most vegetables

He has a strong arm and spends a lot of the day throwing things

He likes to be chased

He loves to play with cars. He asks 9999999999 times a day for me to put the tops back on his wooden IKEA cars. It’s insanity.


Lawson is serious but also goofy

He is a funny little mix of personality

He can give you a stink face one minute and the next be throwing himself without abandon off the fireplace hearth

He is interested in stacking and building

He will play quietly by himself- Uh, that was last week

He eats like a champ. Rarely turning down any kind of food

He likes to be chased and he likes to “get” Royce

He has mastered climbing and I am guessing will be my first and only child that climbs out of their crib.


Both boys are really bonded to the girls.  Some days Lawson just wants Brooklyn. Royce has been known to lay mouth kisses on Ella alone.




  1. They are so adorable! Twins definitely are a mixed bag. They can be so much fun and yet so difficult at the same time. Hopefully they don't have to leave their cribs too early. We had that problem and it was a horrible transition. Your doing a great job balancing it all k'lyn!

  2. Love it when you post about the kiddies! I never want the post to end. It's just so fun seeing all their silly pictures. I miss them too too much.


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