The Things 2.5 Year Old Twins Do/Say

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

IMG 0596

Almost every morning lately I see this in the monitor. Lawson awake and calling “WROYCEEEEEEEY” “WROYCE” “WAKE UP”.

And Royce saying “NO AWEHEE” “GO NIGHT NIGHT”.   

Ha. Ha.

The things they say that we all catch ourselves saying now too:



“WATCH ME. WATCH LAWSON”   Royce NEVER says watch me.  

IMG 3444

The way they insist on doing the same thing.

The way Lawson calls Brooklyn “Boobie”.

IMG 3418

Their obsessive with ICE WATER!

The way Royce bats his eyelashes when he knows you’re talking about him.  If he were the only “baby” he would be the one child that would sleep in our bed.  He loves to snuggle and you could practically squish him and he would be in heaven. 

The way Lawson tucks his arms in and pulls his shoulder up when he is running “real fast”.   He is such a nut.

Their big “junking” aka jumping.

The way Lawson rubs the ear of his lamby.

The way they are having conversations with each other about Mator, “Queen” aka Lightening McQueen, and MAC trucks.  Such boys. 


  1. The morning routine really made me "LOL"! I'm sure its amazing to watch as 2 completely different personalities develop while still being so connected to each other =)

  2. They are fascinating and just plain adorable!


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