Touches of Spring & Lightening Up

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Today, we’ve lived in our home for 8 years!  My dad laughed at me the other night when I announced this fact. I must get it from my mom who writes down every memory/milestone in her calendar and continues to do so every year.  It takes her from January to May to get everything filled in! One day, my sisters and I will probably fight over my mom’s calendars.  Anyway….

8 years ago, when we moved into our 2nd home, we had one child not quite 2 years old.  Today, we have 4 children under the age of 9.  My how things have changed.  I laugh at myself when I think of how we thought we were moving into a home that didn’t need any renovations…. if we only knew what we’d do!  

Keeping in the spirit of renovating we had the family room and kitchen painted.  It has been 6 years since we last painted, and after loving the light and brightness of the paint we used in the basement, we decided to lighten up this area as well.  Our house tends to be on the dark side and sometimes I embrace it and other times I fight against it. We’ve had electricians in.  We’ve taken down curtains.  Yeah, we’ve just about tried it all. 

It’s been a long while since I updated any pictures of our family room.  Not that I think our house is magazine worthy or that I am trying to make it so. Decorating is an outlet and it’s interesting to walk through old pictures and see how life has changed and apparently more than just paint has since I last posted any pictures, over a year ago!


DSC 0040

A year ago….

Family Room Spring 2013

After moving a lot of furniture to the basement this room looked really empty.  Like we just moved in empty.  Thankfully, I inherited a beautiful HUGE Karastan rug that was my Great Grandmothers.  My parents might have even been married on this very rug!  I also bought two chairs off and I am the lucky recipient of Goodwill coffee table that has moved from one friend to another.  We also bought our first piece of original artwork.   The artist is Malcolm Phinney and he is a friend of the family.  It’s quite sentimental and I LOVE IT. My photography doesn’t do it justice. Honestly, it’s kind of tragic to post the picture because it is so much more beautiful in real life.

DSC 0005 001

IMG 3637

The room is still so big it feels kind of cavernous.  I wish I could figure out what to hang on the walls (I don’t really like the white mirrors anymore) but I am not good at picking "art" and I don’t want just any old thing. The room could probably benefit from more furniture but I don’t know what the right furniture would be.  I am OPEN to ideas friends :)

Real life… watching Polar Express in February.

DSC 0001 001

Since the kitchen and the family room make up one big room it was also painted.  

Here it is before….

DSC 0089

And after...

DSC 0043

DSC 0005 002

DSC 0004 001

I am honestly still getting used to  the paint.  Picking a paint color is tricky business.  What looks good in a swatch looks totally different on the wall in your home.  None of these colors looked anything like their swatches.  Thankfully, we bought a few sample cans and tested it out before we made our decision.  

IMG 4032

IMG 0802

If you’re interested we used Miller paint, but we went with a Benjamin Moore color called Edgecomb Gray.  It’s pretty popular on Pinterest and with the Young House Love folks. The funky thing is it wasn’t suppose to actually look all that gray. I didn’t want gray and I didn’t want tan.  I hoped to have a little bit of color but over all more a “grayeige”.  Anyway, long story short this paint is quite the chameleon.  It looks different throughout the day as the light changes.  I am not madly in love with how gray it pulls sometimes.  But, it’s way better than what we had before.  

Now that I am not tied to so much brown I can add in a few colors that previously wouldn’t of matched.  Specifically lighter “springy” colors look a lot better.

DSC 0011

DSC 0047 001

DSC 0013

Sorry, long post.  Many things come and go and I don’t get time to document them and once I sit down to do so I can’t seem to shut up :)







  1. OK, one word for you this time- jealous!!! Ha!! Seriously, it IS magazine worthy! Looks like a room I would pin on Pinterest! Sooo beautiful and the coffee table is FAB!!

  2. Looks great K'lyn! I always look toward to your posts!

  3. I LOVE your Phinney too! Can my name go on that in your will? ;) Kinda sad you painted over my kitchen paint job from 6 years ago! Lol. But your post makes me eager to paint my kitchen a brighter color. Adam will be excited to hear that. Ha


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