Hiding Cords

Friday, March 07, 2014

We ended up getting a t.v. for our basement so that the kids could play Disney Infinity on the Wii.  At first, we just set the t.v. on the long built in shelf and had cords dangling down everywhere, then we tried to disguise the cords with an elaborate hide and seek game.  It seemed kind of ridiculous to spend a lot of money on a remodel and then have it look like a freshman dorm room.  I don’t think I ever even took a picture of it because it was pretty pathetic. Anyway, I found a cool little inexpensive product that is genius.  If you’re not married to an electrician or a builder but you want to hide those dangling electronic cords this thing is for you! I’m sure there are other methods out there, but this was super easy and cheap! The Easy Mount Cable Plates costs a whopping $3.99 each. 


Datacomm Electronics 45-0008-WH Easy Mount Recessed Low Voltage Cable Plate

Look no cords!

DSC 0094

One goes at the top

DSC 0095

And the other goes down at the bottom near your plugins… cable & electric.

IMG 4110

Your cords are fished between the studs behind the drywall out of sight and out of mind. Pretty cool!

IMG 4111



  1. Genius! I, too, hate cords! They look so tacky. Oh, and I love all the Infiniti characters under the tv 😊

  2. This is brilliant! I dislike cords oh so very much!


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