Wallowa Lake 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Another great year at our favorite place on Earth!  This year was a drastically different trip than last year.  No flat tires.  No emergency room visits. No stitches. Just fun. I wish I had more pictures of all the family. We didn’t take a group shot as there was more coming and going than normal. We loved spending time with everyone. 

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Every year we go to cowboy church and I think this is the first time I’ve gotten pictures of it.  It’s pretty fun to attend church in a rodeo arena with rodeo princesses.  Isn’t it cool how even the tack says “Army of God”.  Maybe that’s not the right term for it, but you’ll see it in the pic. 

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IMG 4932

Ella let me borrow her hat for a selfie.  On in Easter Oregon can you get away with a jeweled plink cowboy hat.

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We had great weather this year and spent a lot of time at the lake. Royce is quite the water boy. He loved going fast not the jet ski.  He kept urging the driver to go faster and zero fear. 

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A whole world is beginning to open up for us, for the past three years things like mini golfing would of been just too hard with the twins, but now as they are getting older we are getting to do more things.  I can’t say we followed any of the rules and thankfully no one else was anywhere around us.  The boys had a blast and keep asking to go back. 

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Brooklyn has been dreaming of going on a trail ride and this year grandma took her on one.  Here she is meeting her horse Night.  I know she will go back year after year and look for “her horse”.  Even thirty years later my siblings and cousins still name off the ponies we used to ride when we were kids- Police Car, Sugar, Dick, there’s probably more. 

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Grandma was such a good sport for volunteering to go with her.  My mom even ended up assisting some of the fellow riders who didn’t dismount their horses properly. The ride ended kind of dramatically and that too will be a story no one forgets. Hopefully, it all ended well for those people! 

DSC 0226

DSC 0225

We tried to get the girls up on water ski’s again this year.  They are so close! My Aunt Leslie totally sacrificed to get them up. She wasn’t wearing a swim suit and ended up almost completely submerged.  Wallowa Lake is really cold and it’s almost torture getting fully wet.

DSC 0235

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DSC 0245

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The rest of the water skier’s.

DSC 0283

DSC 0289

DSC 0320

And inter-tubers.

DSC 0332

DSC 0327


DSC 0340

DSC 0180

Another favorite lake time activity is catching minnows and fishing.  Brooklyn with the patient help of Uncle Adam caught three rainbow trout.

DSC 0156


DSC 0334

Until next year or maybeThanksgiving :)

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  1. That picture of Lawson (and Roycie) on the jetski is too stinkin cute! Can you send that to me for my birthday? Love all your pictures. Your camera is pretty awesome.


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