Boys 3.5 years Old

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It’s  been awhile since I took the time to write about the boys.  I have already (sadly) forgotten so many little things about the girls at this age that I am hoping by just writing it down it will be seared in my memory forever. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

We took them to the zoo for the first time and I think their favorite “exhibit” was the construction site.

Boys Zoo

Clearly a good day at Costco for these guys. 

Boys costco

Royce Jannsen Well Drilling


I am his favorite.  Every day from morning till night he says “Mommy, I yuv you so so much”. “Mommy you are my faborite”.  He closes his eyes and kisses me on my legs, hands, whatever is in reach.  Out of the blue driving in the car, first thing in the morning, for no reason at all he will just tell me. It’s the greatest thing and I don’t want it to EVER change. Yes of the 4 kids at least I’ve got one! 

He is more outgoing and less wary of outsiders than Lawson. 

He was a swimmer boy this Summer.  A total water kid. 

He loves BIG trucks, Garbage trucks, Fire trucks, basically any kind of motorized trucks. 

Only drinks water and Kombucha.

Only eats egg whites. He doesn’t like the yokes. Can be picky with food.  We are working on that.

He’s pretty easy going but has a whiney streak. Dear Lord help me!

Boys Facetime


DSC 0023


Will openly say he loves Daddy the most.  Whether this is actually true or just a response to Royce’s overly exaggerated attachment to me, I don’t know. I’m not going to admit it here.

He also says he’s Grandma Debbie’s boy.  He was the first of the twins to stay overnight at Grandma’s house without the other twin there.  He slept till noon. What in the world?! This never happens here.

He has a very cocky boyish strut, run, throw, etc.  Sometimes he will just walk by a truck and throw it/flip it in the air. For no reason at all other than it seems like a boyish thing to do.  Which is kinda ironic in that he is more cautious about things than Royce.

He changes his voice when telling a story or saying something that he wants to sound very brave/strong/etc. . It’s kind of mix between a growl and grunt. 

He is going through a weird sleep phase that started this Summer. He’s not staying in his bed and we will often find him on the stairs, in the hallway, just inside his door. In general, he’s up earlier than Royce.

He also loves trucks or any kind.

He grabs his guitar and plays it along with a shuffling dance for certain guests he thinks really enjoy this sort of thing. It’s hilarious.

He has a definite stink face and makes it more often than I would like. I’m wondering if the baby of the family is gonna give me a run for my money. Oy Vey!

When you ask him to do something he says “Alright”.  

Still asks to “Hold you” when he wants to be held. 

He asks me to hold him and sing “You Are My Sunshine” or “Hush Little Baby Do Not Cry” to which I’ve changed all the words to things like monster trucks and trains.




  1. This is SO sweet. I loved every word and picture.

  2. I forgot to comment on this post--Joel & I both really enjoyed reading this one :) We miss you guys. Excited for Fall Celebration!!

  3. They are growing up too soon and too fast! Someday I want a sweet, clinger type of little boy like Roycie :) Basically, opposite of the child I was! Lol


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