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Monday, January 19, 2015

We’ve been in our completed basement addition for just over a year now and unfortunately we’ve had to rip up and/or replace the flooring and some drywall in B’s office twice!  Both times it’s been these totally weird unrelated water events, like broken pipes and disconnected drain spouts. Both times it's wrecked havoc on our pretty new space.  After this last water issue, we went about 2 months with the floors ripped up and things not put back together.  Poor B works 12 hours a day in the middle of a dusty danky mess.  When the floor finally got put back down (things are still not 100% back yet) we got some inspiration to finally give him a proper office. The guy is literally sequestered in the thing from 4am till late in the evening some days.

Another inspiration for some change, according to a study recently released, researchers have found that prolonged sitting can have the same long term effects on the body as smoking! The longer you sit the greater the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, increased bad cholesterol, depression, etc.- "sitting is the new smoking”.  Yikes.

IMG 6987

We had the inspiration to use galvanized pipe for the desk legs and supports, this way we could create a custom standing desk with the desk we already owned, which is two IKEA table tops that are connected in an “L” shape. The great thing about making our own desk is that we could customize it to the height that felt most comfortable for B to work at.  In the end he decided 40 inches was about right.

To make it we (meaning he) used 1/2” galvanized steel pipe and 1/2” galvanized flanges for the footings and to connect to the underside of the desk. For the connections we used galvanized “T" connectors and universal threaded connectors. All in all, it was an inexpensive way to refunction the desk and make a healthy change.

IMG 6985

I saw this bike rack in the CB2 catalog and had planned on buying it for the office, but B found a piece of wood we used on the barn doors and decided to make it himself!
Wood bike storage
Now the bike is off the floor giving him more space for other workouts and it doubles as the perfect “art” for a man’s office.

IMG 6970

IMG 6978

B is really happy with the changes and I have to say I’m a little jealous of the space.

IMG 6987

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  1. Love the desk and the idea to hang the bike! What a great space for him!


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