Big Boys| 4 Years Old

Friday, March 20, 2015


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How can it be 4 years? Our babies aren’t really babies anymore.  Royce and Lawson are busy little boys intent on racing cars, trucks, and trains around the clock.  They know every letter and its sound.  They weekly run 4-6 miles up and down very steep hills with little to no complaining, except for an occasional “my belly hurts”. Yet, they still fully fill their roles as the “baby” of the family. They don’t mind having someone else do things for them, like dressing them, even asking to be fed when they don’t want to eat what’s for dinner. They both still have weird separation anxiety from us - and they HAVE EACH OTHER! They keep our lives very full and busy.  I can’t imagine what our house would be like without them!

To celebrate their birthday we had a race car themed bash.  For months, they knew exactly what they wanted and were singular in their request.

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They loved their cake and it was so precious to hear either say “Mama it’s so bewuuuutiful”.  “I Loooooovvveee it”.  They ask to look at pictures of it almost every day.  That totally makes every penny and hour of hard work worth it!

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Part of their birthday present was transitioning their room to bunkbeds.  Initially they were gung-ho about it, but after a week or so they have been asking for their old beds back!

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I found the most amazing top bunk bedding that requires just a “zip” to make the bed. I can’t tell you how nice it is to look in and have a nicely made bed.  When the girls were in bunkbeds it was a constant struggle to “make” the top bunk.  Every adult that has ever tried to change the sheets on a top bunk will understand just how wonderful this is! 

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We’ve come a long way in the last 4 years. 

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  1. Zip sheets sounds ingenious!! Happy birthday boys =)

    1. The link doesn't show up very well, so in case you missed it: :)

  2. So adorable. I'm sad we missed the party. The cake is sooo cool!

  3. These boys melt my heart!!


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