Deck The Halls| Christmas In Our House 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015

IMG 1141

Today is the first day of our Christmas break and we are thoroughly enjoying doing much of nothing.   I’ve been trying to take pictures of our Christmas home here and there (read- when it’s clean) and get a few up on the blog.  It’s always fun to scroll back through the years and see how our home has evolved. In the past we’ve done an all red Christmas, an all blue Christmas, and many “use what you’ve got” years. This year, I’m especially loving all the little twinkly starry lights. I’m thinking they might stay up through the dark winter days. 

IMG 1142

Looking through the paper whites is real life- wrapping paper, ribbons, tissue covering the coffee table, and glitter everywhere.

IMG 0016

IMG 1134

IMG 1137

IMG 0315


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