The Best & Easiest Kale Salad

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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This salad is a favorite of my family and it’s been a hit to everyone I’ve served it to. Thankfully, even my boys eat this up with no complaints!

I can’t take total credit as I first had this at a friends house a few years ago and have been copying her every since.

Best & Easiest Kale Salad Recipe

Large Bunch of Kale or Bagged Kale

Large Ripe Avocado or Prepared Guacamole (Two Snack Size Containers)

Juice of One Lemon



Optional- Garlic Salt 

In a very large ziplock bag (I use a 2 gallon bag) mash up the avocado and then add in the kale, juice of 1/2 a lemon, salt, and pepper.  Seal the bag and really mash all the ingredients together.  Kale can take a beating, so don’t worry about bruising it. If you don’t have a large enough ziplock bag you can certainly use a salad bowl and your hands.  After the ingredients are fully incorporated taste and add more lemon juice and seasoning as desired.

Serve and enjoy!



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