Pregnancy Thus Far | 34 Weeks

Sunday, May 01, 2016

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post will be worth at least a million!  I went through my iPhoto library and pulled a bunch of pictures that I might add to her baby book, should I actually get started on it. This is an unedited authentic look at these past 8 months. These past 34 weeks have been an interesting emotional journey and I can say with certainty we are ready for our little Colette and looking forward to the addition she’s going to be to our family. 

Paris 137

A surprise Paris trip in September leads to an even bigger surprise a few weeks later.

IMG 0546

We chose to reveal the news to the kids on a special bench where we’ve launched butterflies and started many many walks from. 

IMG 0548

Brooklyn is in shock (like us!) and Ella cried tears of joy.

IMG 0702

After some early bleeding we were happy to see her on our first early ultrasound.

IMG 0004

The perfect gift and maternity shirt from a friend.

IMG 0362

The 20 weeks ultrasound revealed a healthy (thank you Lord) little girl. 

IMG 0279

Brian has a 21 days around the world trip in February.  

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Not your typical before/after shot. Ha ha.

IMG 0675

A sweet Parisian style lunch with my sisters.

IMG 0863

One of my last 7 mile hikes. Holy contractions on those hills!

IMG 0827

Colette’s is almost ready for her arrival. 

IMG 0700

Easter Sunday

IMG 1009

Feeling so sick and awful after hour one of the three hour glucose test. 

IMG 1075

Blood Sugar monitoring (again) Dang!

IMG 1024

IMG 1143

A very unexpected hospital stay after preterm labor and bleeding.

IMG 1147

IMG 1150

IMG 1148

A sweet bonus was getting an ultrasound and seeing Colette’s chubby cheeks. 

IMG 1187

After 4 days we were released to come home on bed rest.

IMG 1189

Not the “baby” for much longer, I think Lawson missed me! I’ll take every snuggle I can get before my boys all the sudden seem so big and grown up.

IMG 1188

Beautiful, thoughtful, humbling, gracious meals from friends. I had thought I could do this whole pregnancy and recovery on my own this time, after needing so much help with the boys’. 

What’s coming up? I have some additional testing and monitoring in the next few weeks that may determine an earlier due date for baby. Until then, we are hanging here at home!

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  1. How I love every single picture! I soaked each one in. Your pregnancy has been so extra beautiful and special, and I know, trying at times. But you have done incredibly well! So proud of you, KK!


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