Christmas Time

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fiiiiinalllllyyyy…. a real post!

Welcome friends to a Christmas stop at our house. I wish I could have you over for a Christmas party with fun Christmas tunes, fancy appetizers, and champs. Or just frothy lattes and Christmas cookies.

Throughout the years, we’ve documented our Christmas home and Christmas traditions on the blog and it would be sad not to capture what life was like in the Everett household for “Baby’s first Christmas”.

However, I don’t have the time to make sure the house is 100% in order, or a minute to even capture it if it was! So… there are no “professional” looking images (even if I tried there wouldn’t be anyway), kids are probably in the background, and more than half could be from Instagram Stories.

Anyway, all we want is some lights, a bunch of cozy, and memories.

Sometimes I feel like doing a red Christmas. For a couple of years we even did a blue Christmas theme (not sure why now!) but this year everything is pretty creams with a touch of natural elements and metallics.

These trees remind me of ones I saw in our hotel in Paris. I searched high and low to try and recreate what I had seen and finally found something similar from Target a couple of years ago.

I didn’t really go all out and decorate the entire house from top to bottom. I LOVE it when people do, and I would LOVE to visit your house if you do so! I’m feeling like we have so much stuff and it gets even crazier at Christmas.

Just look at all these stockings!

Our Elf on the Shelf is back- Sparkle. She’s not a very fancy elf, she mostly hangs from things and makes messes. But, the kids still ask each year when she is returning and they race from their beds each morning to find her.

Last year Brooklyn & Ella used their own money to start their very own Christmas villages. We are up to four houses now (almost a village) and I convinced them to set it up in the school room so we could all enjoy them.

Always prettier at night

We are doing the Giving Manger again along with She Reads Truth Advent cards. Love love love both.

Last but not least, you’re shown the door. Literally. The baby is up from her nap and I have to finish this post, probably even before proofing.

Oh well! At least I blogged!

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