Cabo San Lucas Part Three- Flora Farm & Field Kitchen

Monday, July 24, 2017

Think of the middle of no where and go further down a bumpy dirt road through a desolate rugged desert. A place so unfriendly, the only inhabitants are prickly cactuses and sage brush. Then imagine a tranquil lush oasis. This is Flora Farm & Field Kitchen. Flora Farms is a 150 acre ranch that includes a restaurant, shops, spa, luxury cottages, and more. It has attracted big name celebrities and become a must see to and do in Cabo.

And, then there is us. Our first time to Flora Farm was magical and all that it was touted to be. I couldn’t take enough pictures of this beautiful place.

Our first stop was a quick stroll through some of the shops. Flora Farms has presentation done perfectly. In addition to jewelry, art, lotions, and soaps (all made by local artisans), you can also purchase produce from the farm, eggs, honey, sweet treats, and freshly baked bread.

We took advantage of the beautiful grounds and dusky twilight to take some family pictures.

Dinner was an experience we won’t forget. The food is delicious although pricey, but ambiance is worth every penny. The kids ran around under palm trees, looked for turtles in the pond, and played with the resident dogs. It was one of our best memories. If you are ever in Cabo, we highly recommend making the trip out to Flora Farms.

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  1. Pretty! That was on my list of places to go when Joel & I were down there but we didn't get around to it. You're posts make me want to go back soon!


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