Cabo San Lucas Part Two- Our Favorite Places

Thursday, July 20, 2017

There are so many great places to eat in Cabo and although it has been 8 years since our previous trip we were happy that all our favorite places (and some news ones) were still there.

Favorite Cabo Restaurants

Romeo & Julieta
Cabo has some amazing Italian food! It often feels like your only two dining options are either Mexican or Italian and really who can complain about that?! Romeo & Julieta has been renovated since our last trip and it’s even more beautiful. We love the Caesar salad which is prepared at your table. Did you know the Caesar salad was created in Mexico? It’s true! In 1924 Caesar Cardini a Tijuana, Mexico restaurant owner had run out of food, but needed something to feed his guests, so he threw together what few things he had left and ended up with what is now the world famous Caesar salad. Another fun memory are the Mexican coffees which the waiters also prepare table side along with some fire showmanship.

Edith’s is legendary in Cabo for it’s beautiful outdoor dining and authentic fresh Mexican food. We celebrated our 19 year anniversary here and we went back our last night because it’s so good.

La Catrina Restaurant
We celebrated Colette’s birthday at La Catrina. It was actually our first time eating at the restaurant, which we stumbled upon walking up from the beach. It also happens to have some of the best reviews on Trip Advisor. The food was really good but what made the night memorable was the hostess who held and rocked Colette so that we could eat our dinner without holding a baby at the same time. Our kids talk about this night as one of their most favorite of the entire trip.

One of my parent’s favorite restaurants and another Italian gem in Cabo. We ate at Alcaravea twice in Cabo!

Other Fun Options

Mango Deck
The Mango Deck can get a little Cabo crazy depending on what time of day you visit, but they also have some of the best ceviche and tacos. Right on the beach it’s a fun place to hang out and get a good meal.

Tanga Tanga
Another interesting place to find cheap tacos and beers. What it lacks in ambiance it makes up for in an inexpensive meal.

Baja Brewing
Baja Brewing has an incredible view and a great happy hour. It’s worth taking the stairs to the top of this building where the restaurant is located just for the view alone.

As you can tell we enjoy eating out on vacation. It’s a treat that we don’t liberally indulge in at home. We see it as a privilege and something to look forward to. One of our most favorite nights is coming up in an entire post devoted just to that experience. Stay tuned for Flora Farms.

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