Saturday, August 26, 2017

We’ve been using and enjoying Airbnb since we started traveling abroad three years ago. Now, it’s the only way we travel (if possible). It makes traveling accessible and affordable. My parents and sister even Airbnb’d a ship (boat?) in Greece for their accommodations. There are absolutely incredible Airbnb homes around the world for as little as $30 a night.

Some of the places we’ve stayed or will be staying at.





So it was a natural progression to become Airbnb hosts ourselves. This summer we listed our basement mini suite and to date we have been booked over 12 times, nearly every single weekend from August to October.

It’s been an adventure. Initially, we decided to host and kind of feel it out. Well, within the first 24 hours we were booked 7 times. We even had people wanting to come the very next day after listing. We scrambled. We thought we might get some interest around the eclipse, not really expecting to host so quickly or so much.

Thankfully, we made a few adjustments and things have been working well. I kind of secretly have always wanted to run a bed & breakfast since my college days. We’ve had fun setting up a homey and inviting space for our guests. I enjoy putting out special touches like fresh flowers and homemade baked goods. And, our guests seem to be enjoying it as well. We’ve had all 5 star reviews (knock on wood) and are on our way to becoming Airbnb super hosts!

So, the next time you have guests in town and need a place for them to stay, think of us! And, if you have a space your willing to rent out, we would be more then happy to refer you to Airbnb. Let us know!

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