Friday, February 02, 2018

I just finished our family’s yearbook and sent it off to the printer and in doing so, I realized there were so many things that happened in 2017 that never made it past a few small squares on Instagram. I’m not great at keeping up with a blog, I guess blogging has been replaced by the immediacy of IG, but it would be a shame not to keep something on here, at least for record. So without further ado here are some highlights of our year.

Brooklyn was baptized on January 1st, 2017. The most perfect way to start the year.

11 years in the making- we tore off the roof to our covered deck, that we never really liked. It was a year of some much needed home maintenance.

Brooklyn ran track from for Valor International School. It was a rainy cold spring but still fun to watch her compete.

We transitioned through our dear friends moving to Central Oregon.

Another transition of the year happened as we helped move A.M. Jannsen Well Drilling from it’s location of 40+ years. So many memories from childhood and bringing the kids to work here.

After the hustle to get Jannsen Well Drilling moved we flew down to Cabo for our first big family vacation, during which we broke some bones, celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and tried to have some fun and relaxation. There is already more on the blog about our trip but it counts as part of our year.

We celebrated Colette’s first birthday in Cabo. A little untraditional- no classic first party with a cake and presents. My sister did buy her a cute small cake she ate by the pool, but a massive parental error in not properly documenting it.

We decided to experiment with opening an Airbnb rental and to our surprise it was booked out within 24 hours. We continued to host through the fall and became Airbnb super hosts.

Wallowa Lake was monumental this year. All 4 of our kids water skied with the help of their grandparents, aunts, and uncles. It took a village but we got it done!

We roofed our house then painted it and re-fenced the entire backyard. An expensive year of just upkeep, but much needed and it looks so much better.

The girls and I got to spend a special weekend visiting with my sisters in southern Oregon.

In the fall we spent a quick 9 days in France traveling from Paris to Provence and out of Nice. More pictures and information here on the blog.

Brooklyn & Ella ran cross country for Valor International School. We enjoyed watching them continue to develop and grow as competitors and athletes.

We took our annual family pictures with sweet Kirstyn of Sweet Mint Photography. As always they turned out so cute.

Brian celebrated turning 40 in Mexico (a few days late) and I turned 40 in November with lots of family here for the Thanksgiving weekend and my Aunt’s 60th birthday.

One innocent day I decided to take apart our sectional (which does not configure into any other arrangement) and rearrange our family room. We liked the options but realized it was time (maybe past time) to sell our 10 year old big brown comfortable sectional.

So we sold it!

Hundreds of couches later we settled on two from Crate & Barrel. One thing leads to another and 3 months later I think the “rearranging” is finally done. Maybe.

That about wraps up some of the highlights of our year.
Happy belated 2018 everyone!

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