Woodlark Hotel

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Last weekend, we enjoyed the rare treat of a night away from home at the new downtown Portland Woodlark Hotel. I had wanted to stay at the hotel after catching a glimpse of it while enjoying dinner at Bullard and the cutest bar in Portland- Abigail Hall.

I love everything about this historic and sophisticated boutique hotel. My only wish is that I was feeling better and could do the whole thing over again. 

Our room was small but, comfortable.  We had a city view and it was such a luxury to lay in bed uninterrupted Saturday morning and just enjoy the view. 

We didn't eat at Bullard this night, but we have before and it is definitely one we will be coming back to.  My absolute favorite new spot is Abagail Hall, a chic little bar hidden away at the back of the hotel. It reminds me of the Ritz bar in Paris with it's feminine details and cozy atmosphere. 

Everything about it is just perfect, including the guy at the bar ordering us a drink. 

The next morning we had coffee at Good Coffee- located in the hotel lobby. Even though I had zero appetite this spiced fig latte was really good. Next time, I'm going all out and getting room service from Bullard and this latte again. 

The worst part is that it was over too quickly and I wasn't fully able to really enjoy it due to a lingering sickness. I hope we are able to go back and do it all over again. 

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