Plumbing Fixture Desk & Office Update

Monday, January 19, 2015

We’ve been in our completed basement addition for just over a year now and unfortunately we’ve had to rip up and/or replace the flooring and some drywall in B’s office twice!  Both times it’s been these totally weird unrelated water events, like broken pipes and disconnected drain spouts. Both times it's wrecked havoc on our pretty new space.  After this last water issue, we went about 2 months with the floors ripped up and things not put back together.  Poor B works 12 hours a day in the middle of a dusty danky mess.  When the floor finally got put back down (things are still not 100% back yet) we got some inspiration to finally give him a proper office. The guy is literally sequestered in the thing from 4am till late in the evening some days.

Another inspiration for some change, according to a study recently released, researchers have found that prolonged sitting can have the same long term effects on the body as smoking! The longer you sit the greater the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, increased bad cholesterol, depression, etc.- "sitting is the new smoking”.  Yikes.

IMG 6987

We had the inspiration to use galvanized pipe for the desk legs and supports, this way we could create a custom standing desk with the desk we already owned, which is two IKEA table tops that are connected in an “L” shape. The great thing about making our own desk is that we could customize it to the height that felt most comfortable for B to work at.  In the end he decided 40 inches was about right.

To make it we (meaning he) used 1/2” galvanized steel pipe and 1/2” galvanized flanges for the footings and to connect to the underside of the desk. For the connections we used galvanized “T" connectors and universal threaded connectors. All in all, it was an inexpensive way to refunction the desk and make a healthy change.

IMG 6985

I saw this bike rack in the CB2 catalog and had planned on buying it for the office, but B found a piece of wood we used on the barn doors and decided to make it himself!
Wood bike storage
Now the bike is off the floor giving him more space for other workouts and it doubles as the perfect “art” for a man’s office.

IMG 6970

IMG 6978

B is really happy with the changes and I have to say I’m a little jealous of the space.

IMG 6987

The Basement: One Year Later

Friday, October 17, 2014

Looking through the calendar I’m taken back to the stress and completion that was happening at this time last year- 6 months almost into our addition, the 11th hour before leaving to go out of town, the scramble to get everything done. Was it all worth it?   It didn’t take a year to give an emphatic, YES!  It’s been worth it the whole time, but 12th months out of that stress, do we enjoy it more? YES!! I’m more grateful than ever to have a place from B to work from home and a place for the kids to play. 

We’ve added a couple of things but for the most part it’s still functioning as it was almost a year ago. This is our REAL life- kids, toys, work, you got it. And honestly one of the best parts about this space is it doesn’t have to be picked up cosntantly. It can be be out of sight out of mind (for me).  

IMG 5618

IMG 5636

Water table play in October without the water is still fun. I think if you read this blog you might wonder if I ever get them out of their pajamas!

IMG 5654

The basement tends to run quite a bit cooler than the main and upper levels of the house.  It’s really nice in the summer (we even spent a night or two down here to avoid the heat) but in the winter it’s not as cozy and inviting.  You might think an electric fireplace with color changing LED lights is cheesy and I would probably agree, however it’s surprisingly inviting and it heats up the room.  The kids love to sit in front of the “fire” and I have to say I do too! We found it at Costco incase any of you are looking for some electric fire ambiance. 

IMG 5499

In many ways it has become kind of an oasis from the to do list on the main floor. It’s a nice quiet place to enjoy a cup of coffee.

IMG 5496

Besides the main room, we are still enjoying the guest room, office, bathroom, and play house.

IMG 5703

Be our guest. Be our guest.  I’m not sure you’ll get any rest!

IMG 5702

The playhouse currently operating as a "smoothie shop" is tucked back at the end of the hall and it’s usually a mess that I’m thankful not to walk by everyday. 

IMG 5704

The single best advantage to the basement addition one year in, is having this guy be able to work from home.  Yes, it’s long hours that basically go from eyes open till eyes shut,  but we have access to him  I’ll take it!

Updated: Under The Stairs Playhouse

Saturday, January 18, 2014

DSC 0056

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any blogging.  We’ve been keeping busy just living and I haven’t had the inspiration or energy to blog about the mundane details of everyday life.  And, we have come to the conclusion that we have failed miserably to take pictures (with a real camera) of almost all of the important moments of our life recently- like Christmas. Major parenting fail. Here’s to 2014 and the goal to take real meaningful pictures. 

Anyway!  I had the inspiration to jazz up the under the stairs playhouse. When we “finished” (because really when is anything actually “finished”) the basement the playhouse was fun, but not exactly inviting. 

DSC 0035

The inspiration- A kitchen set, wall paper, curtains and art work. 

Updated Playhouse

DSC 0046

The wall paper is actually one roll of wrapping paper from Paper Source.  I used double stick tape to adhere it to the wall. For never really having wall papered before it was surprisingly easy. 

DSC 0050

DSC 0040

I also bought a single sheet of wrapping paper from the Paper Source to add some “art work”.  For $2.50 it’s pretty darn cute. 

DSC 0042

DSC 0041

DSC 0053

DSC 0051

The girls have been playing in here ever since we finished yesterday.  I might join them :)

DSC 0049





Basement Addition 6 Months And It's Finished!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Today, the little yellow permit sign that has hung on our front porch for the past 6 months was taken down.  Today, our contractor finished the very last detail.  Today, we can just about say WE ARE DONE! WE ARE DONE!  Can I say it again? WE ARE DONE!
So, here’s how it all turned out- We added 900 sq ft.  Almost every single room in the house has been affected.  We gained a large play room/multiple purpose room, a guest room, a bedroom/office, a bathroom, a “playhouse”, and a “playmobile room”.  Our kitchen got an update and the main floor has new floors and baseboards. Even the upstairs has changed.  The girls no longer share a room and the boys room changed. I am exhausted.   It was an exciting and often tiring process.  I may have had a meltdown a couple of times.  I should have had the contractors sign a non disclosure before they started!
Things are still a little bare- move in fresh.  It’s nice to have room to grow and new places to nest. Welcome to our new space.

Backyard Before

DSC 0030

Backyard After

DSC 0001

DSC 0003
DSC 0007

Basement Before

IMG 2630

Basement Main Room After

DSC 0009

DSC 0002 001

DSC 0001 001
DSC 0012

Basement Guest Room

DSC 0014

Basement Bedroom/Office/Man Cave

DSC 0014 001
DSC 0013 001

Basement Bathroom

DSC 0022
DSC 0021
DSC 0019

Basement “Play House”

More cute updates here.

DSC 0033
DSC 0037
DSC 0035

I am looking for a used kitchen set if you know of one :)

Basement “Playmobile Room"

DSC 0013

Kitchen Before (6 Years Ago)

DSC 0008
DSC 0009

Kitchen After

DSC 0006 001
DSC 0007 001
DSC 0008 001

Basement Addition Week 24 Front Yard, Moldings, Floors, and Moving In!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Completed House 2
So crazy to see 24 weeks in that title.  We have been at this almost six months...half a year!  If I can give anyone a piece of advice about remodeling it's this:  That age old adage of "It's gonna take longer and cost you more" is TRUE.  PLEASE BELIEVE THEM! You aren't the exception.  My finger is pointing back at myself! LOL.  Beware, this post might also take six months to read.  We've all been working our tails off over here.
I've got some exciting updates to share.  The yard is still in process, thanks to the remains of the Chinese typhoon rolling through, but it's already 100% better than what is was.
Remember this?
DSC 0013
Now, it actually looks like a we have emerged from the construction.
Completed House
Although, the Honey Bucket still remains. Seriously.
The back yard and side yard are still "in the works", but they are looking much better already thanks to new gates, a leveled side yard, new grass, and mulch.
DSC 0051 001
Sideyard down
My husband nearly threw out his back installing these railroad ties.  It saved us over four thousand dollars having him level the yard vs. using a landscaper. Our neighbors will be happy that  we are no longer destroying the shared fence or pushing dirt down into their yard.  Still to come is a wall of jasmine that will run the length of house right in front of the fence.  Not only will it provide a nice wall of privacy, it's also going to smell incredible.
The backyard is also still in process.  We are waiting to do some additional clean up and planting of flowers when the deluge of rain stops.  But, it's looking much better already.
DSC 0018 001
DSC 0029
DSC 0053 001
Meanwhile, back inside the house the painter finished caulking, sanding, and painting all the new trim going in downstairs. It's amazing how a piece of five inch wood can make a room look completely finished.  I really love the larger baseboards and can't wait to get them installed on the main floor of the house as well.
DSC 0073 001
DSC 0094 002
DSC 0098
We are still waiting for the interior doors to be sanded and painted.  Another delay to total completion, as the door company sent us trim and doors that were slightly different colors.  They were all suppose to be the same white.  Something we didn't anticipate and an additional cost to have the painter sand and paint them.  See why it takes longer and costs more?!  These things just happen.
This coming week the stairs and main floor hardwoods will be refinished to match the new basement floors.
DSC 0103
Floor samples
Choosing the new color has given me no shortage of headaches.  I am ready to get rid of our red oak floors, but I am super hesitant to go darker.  Don't get me wrong, I love the look of a darker richer wood, but I fear the damage and dirt my children will bring to it. In the end, I guess I am throwing caution to the wind and going with Coffee Brown. It's the middle color sample above.
DSC 0085 001
I am trying to picture how much it will change the look.
DSC 0077 001
The existing baseboards will be removed tomorrow and sanding/refinishing of the floor will begin.  It's suppose to take four or five days in which we have been recommended to leave the house.  I have heard it's very messy and quite toxic smelling.  I wish I could be here to document the process, but keeping 4 kids contained to the upstairs, might prove unlikely. So, we will just have to pack our bags and head out of the remnants of the typhoon and go to a sunnier location.  I sure could use a vacation anyway! :)
Before, we headed out of town we actually go to "move in" to the basement.  What a surreal moment.  I spent nearly six months dreaming about it and here we are at the 11th hour scrambling till 11:30 at night trying to get it done.  Not what I had imagined.  Expectations kill us every time, don't they?
Since the space isn't totally done yet I am just going to give a couple sneak peeks!  
DSC 0122 002
DSC 0125 002
DSC 0109 001
DSC 0101 001

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