Cabo San Lucas Part One

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Let’s get caught up! It’s been far too long since I’ve put something out on the blog. Today, is a good day to start by posting some of our favorite pictures and memories from Cabo San Lucas. Back in June we spent 12 days in paradise. It had been 8 years since we last visited Cabo and it was the first time our entire family has flown together. We traveled with my parents, my sisters and their husbands, as well as my mother in law. Although, we weren’t all there together for the entire time. It was a lovely trip. I would go back in a heart beat if we could.

This is what 7 people’s luggage for 12 days looks like. Traveling with a baby also requires extra packing like car seats, pack n plays, strollers, carriers, etc.

We stayed at the Villa Del Par Mar beach resort. It was tricky getting us the right accommodations (the hotel was over booked) but we ended up with perfect ground floor rooms (3 rooms adjacent and/or on the same floor) that made access to and from the pool perfect. Especially when someone was covering for a napping baby.

Villa Del Par Mar is right on Medano Beach so we also got to enjoy the beautiful views on the Sea of Cortez. One of our favorite memories was watching the manna rays jumping in and out of the water.
Some of our favorite and not so favorite memories from the trip.

Poor Sweet Lawson broke his arm within the first 2 hours of arriving in Mexico. He spent his first night in Mexico in a hospital. I think all 7 of us cried that night. Definitely, memory making let me tell you.

O.K. So after that traumatic incident we rallied and got to enjoy the rest of the trip. By that time we REALLY needed a vacation. There was also so much to celebrate-Colette's first birthday, our 19 year anniversary, and my sister Alicea’s birthday. All 3 of our girls have turned one in Mexico! Brooklyn turned one in Puerto Vallarta, Ella in Cancun, and now Colette in Cabo.
I’ve got several more posts in the que including our favorite restaurants, celebrations, Flora Farms (!), and more.
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