Big Boys| 4 Years Old

Friday, March 20, 2015


IMG 7274

How can it be 4 years? Our babies aren’t really babies anymore.  Royce and Lawson are busy little boys intent on racing cars, trucks, and trains around the clock.  They know every letter and its sound.  They weekly run 4-6 miles up and down very steep hills with little to no complaining, except for an occasional “my belly hurts”. Yet, they still fully fill their roles as the “baby” of the family. They don’t mind having someone else do things for them, like dressing them, even asking to be fed when they don’t want to eat what’s for dinner. They both still have weird separation anxiety from us - and they HAVE EACH OTHER! They keep our lives very full and busy.  I can’t imagine what our house would be like without them!

To celebrate their birthday we had a race car themed bash.  For months, they knew exactly what they wanted and were singular in their request.

IMG 0010


IMG 7275

They loved their cake and it was so precious to hear either say “Mama it’s so bewuuuutiful”.  “I Loooooovvveee it”.  They ask to look at pictures of it almost every day.  That totally makes every penny and hour of hard work worth it!

IMG 7210

Part of their birthday present was transitioning their room to bunkbeds.  Initially they were gung-ho about it, but after a week or so they have been asking for their old beds back!

IMG 7273

I found the most amazing top bunk bedding that requires just a “zip” to make the bed. I can’t tell you how nice it is to look in and have a nicely made bed.  When the girls were in bunkbeds it was a constant struggle to “make” the top bunk.  Every adult that has ever tried to change the sheets on a top bunk will understand just how wonderful this is! 

IMG 7272

We’ve come a long way in the last 4 years. 

IMG 7277

IMG 7270


Boys 3.5 years Old

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It’s  been awhile since I took the time to write about the boys.  I have already (sadly) forgotten so many little things about the girls at this age that I am hoping by just writing it down it will be seared in my memory forever. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

We took them to the zoo for the first time and I think their favorite “exhibit” was the construction site.

Boys Zoo

Clearly a good day at Costco for these guys. 

Boys costco

Royce Jannsen Well Drilling


I am his favorite.  Every day from morning till night he says “Mommy, I yuv you so so much”. “Mommy you are my faborite”.  He closes his eyes and kisses me on my legs, hands, whatever is in reach.  Out of the blue driving in the car, first thing in the morning, for no reason at all he will just tell me. It’s the greatest thing and I don’t want it to EVER change. Yes of the 4 kids at least I’ve got one! 

He is more outgoing and less wary of outsiders than Lawson. 

He was a swimmer boy this Summer.  A total water kid. 

He loves BIG trucks, Garbage trucks, Fire trucks, basically any kind of motorized trucks. 

Only drinks water and Kombucha.

Only eats egg whites. He doesn’t like the yokes. Can be picky with food.  We are working on that.

He’s pretty easy going but has a whiney streak. Dear Lord help me!

Boys Facetime


DSC 0023


Will openly say he loves Daddy the most.  Whether this is actually true or just a response to Royce’s overly exaggerated attachment to me, I don’t know. I’m not going to admit it here.

He also says he’s Grandma Debbie’s boy.  He was the first of the twins to stay overnight at Grandma’s house without the other twin there.  He slept till noon. What in the world?! This never happens here.

He has a very cocky boyish strut, run, throw, etc.  Sometimes he will just walk by a truck and throw it/flip it in the air. For no reason at all other than it seems like a boyish thing to do.  Which is kinda ironic in that he is more cautious about things than Royce.

He changes his voice when telling a story or saying something that he wants to sound very brave/strong/etc. . It’s kind of mix between a growl and grunt. 

He is going through a weird sleep phase that started this Summer. He’s not staying in his bed and we will often find him on the stairs, in the hallway, just inside his door. In general, he’s up earlier than Royce.

He also loves trucks or any kind.

He grabs his guitar and plays it along with a shuffling dance for certain guests he thinks really enjoy this sort of thing. It’s hilarious.

He has a definite stink face and makes it more often than I would like. I’m wondering if the baby of the family is gonna give me a run for my money. Oy Vey!

When you ask him to do something he says “Alright”.  

Still asks to “Hold you” when he wants to be held. 

He asks me to hold him and sing “You Are My Sunshine” or “Hush Little Baby Do Not Cry” to which I’ve changed all the words to things like monster trucks and trains.



The Things 2.5 Year Old Twins Do/Say

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

IMG 0596

Almost every morning lately I see this in the monitor. Lawson awake and calling “WROYCEEEEEEEY” “WROYCE” “WAKE UP”.

And Royce saying “NO AWEHEE” “GO NIGHT NIGHT”.   

Ha. Ha.

The things they say that we all catch ourselves saying now too:



“WATCH ME. WATCH LAWSON”   Royce NEVER says watch me.  

IMG 3444

The way they insist on doing the same thing.

The way Lawson calls Brooklyn “Boobie”.

IMG 3418

Their obsessive with ICE WATER!

The way Royce bats his eyelashes when he knows you’re talking about him.  If he were the only “baby” he would be the one child that would sleep in our bed.  He loves to snuggle and you could practically squish him and he would be in heaven. 

The way Lawson tucks his arms in and pulls his shoulder up when he is running “real fast”.   He is such a nut.

Their big “junking” aka jumping.

The way Lawson rubs the ear of his lamby.

The way they are having conversations with each other about Mator, “Queen” aka Lightening McQueen, and MAC trucks.  Such boys. 

My Two Sons- 2 Years Old

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Royce & Lawson are two!  For the past two years, even before they were born, we have been hearing about this magical time marker. Many a folk have told us, that they have heard, once we get to two years things will be easier.  Even our pediatrician, (who has twins) told us that after two years you start to feel sorry for people who don't have twins.  While all of this made us laugh, I can't deny we were holding onto some shred of truth.  Well let me tell you…. it is easier… I think. 

Before writing this post, I went back through many of the monthly posts I have done over the past two years.  It's funny to read how things have changed and how they really have stayed the same. 

For instance, every.single.time. we go out people will ask us if they are twins.  They are identical!! It cracks us up. I have thought of witty comments, but in general just say "Yes".  

We get far less pitying eyes these days.  We must of looked pretty tired for a long time, because just about every stranger would give us a look like… Wow, we feel sorry for you.  We have gotten a lot of unsolicited comments- like "Wow, if that was me I would…. fill in the blank". 

It's still challenging to go anywhere alone with all four kids.  I have tried a fun Target outing and it's really not that fun, at all.   Grocery shopping can and is done, but I witness lots of eye rolls from strangers.  Yes, I know you can hear my crying toddler all the way across the store. As with any large family with multiple little ones, it's logistically challenging to figure out where to put them.  Most carts don't hold two babies/toddlers.  We are officially a two shopping cart family at most stores.  Thankfully, my 8 year old can handle it. She is an excellent helper. 

So, here we are officially embarking on toddlerhood.  I still call them babies.  I probably will until they get married. Even through it all, I treasure these past two years. Toddlerhood will be fun in a different way…. well maybe not that different at all.  We shall see!


Royce Daddt

They are wearing the same outfit their daddy wore at around 2 years old.  


Still nicknamed Roycey  or Roycey Bear

Still my picky eater

Loves his Papa's.  His reaction is similar to this clip every time Papa comes over. Poor grandma.  Don't get me wrong, he loves grandma too, but he's a little Papa crazy.

Loves cars, trains, and trucks

Still often fusses/cries going to sleep

Often will come over and silents raise his arms or pat on you till you pick him up.  I guess no words are needed. 

Is very particular about what color cup, bib, plate, bowl, etc., he is given.  Many a time, I take the plate from Lawson to give to Royce because he is adament about wanting the "blue" one- even if it's not "blue" at all! Lawson could care less.  Although, they both know that Lawson always get the lighter colored item.  

I think he looks more like the Everett side

Can be quite stubborn

Still attached to the binky (only for bed) and blanket

Lawson Daddt


We call his Lawson McGregor.  I don't know why.

Still eats just about anything

Eats more than Royce

Looks smaller than Royce but probably weighs more. His face is thinner and he doesn't have those Everett cheeks.

Is crazy for his guitar.  He walks around holding and strumming it  He does this cute little knee bop as he strums. I tell you it's just natural, where has he seen anyone do this?? 

Loves baayoons.  Or Balloons for those that don't speak toddler.

Loves balls

Most of the time is very quick to respond and obey

Loves his Papas

Loves his lamby

Still attached to the binky (only for bed) and blanket

Says "huh?" to almost every single question/command. 

I Love You

I am your PARENT, you are my CHILD

I am your QUIET PLACE, you are my WILD

I am your CALM FACE, you are my GIGGLE

I am your WAIT, you are my WIGGLE

I am your DINNER, you are my CHOCOLATE CAKE

I am your BEDTIME, you are my WIDE AWAKE

I am your LULLABY, you are my PEEKABOO

I am your GOODNIGHT KISS, you are my I LOVE YOU


Maryann Cusimano Love

A year and a half

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I haven’t blogged about the boys in a while because it’s a full time job just keeping up! They literally have us cracking up or throwing our hands up in surrender.


This age is a lot of fun and at times a lot of...hmm… can’t think of the right word…. frustration? They are literally developing right in front of our eyes. Every day they do, say, or understand something new.


They are into everything. Our house is literally destroyed within minutes or them waking. Picture hundreds of things- Jenga blocks, balls, cars, play food, pots, pans, train sets, trucks, books, etc. It’s everywhere.


Sisters are so good about cleaning up all of the boys’ messes. I don’t know what I would do with them- the girls, not the messes. Ha ha!

front porch


Royce is very smiley

He says “Up” a lot

He likes to have the back of his head rubbed

He can be a little whiney and he is oh so stubborn (It’s his father in him Smile) It’s funny I wrote this a week or two ago and never posted. If I was writing this post fresh today, I would have swapped this out of Royce’s column and into Lawson’s.  This is how our boys are. They flip flop back and forth.

Both boys love other men. They love their grandpas!

He can be a bit of a mama’s or daddy’s boy

He has become quite a picky eater. He is currently not eating: meat, cheese, or most vegetables

He has a strong arm and spends a lot of the day throwing things

He likes to be chased

He loves to play with cars. He asks 9999999999 times a day for me to put the tops back on his wooden IKEA cars. It’s insanity.


Lawson is serious but also goofy

He is a funny little mix of personality

He can give you a stink face one minute and the next be throwing himself without abandon off the fireplace hearth

He is interested in stacking and building

He will play quietly by himself- Uh, that was last week

He eats like a champ. Rarely turning down any kind of food

He likes to be chased and he likes to “get” Royce

He has mastered climbing and I am guessing will be my first and only child that climbs out of their crib.


Both boys are really bonded to the girls.  Some days Lawson just wants Brooklyn. Royce has been known to lay mouth kisses on Ella alone.




Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let me tell you, twins are a whole different ball of wax when it comes to the sleeping game.

In the beginning they still crave close contact so sleeping together is quite helpful.


Once they start moving and talking sleeping together just doesn’t work as well anymore.

As you can see even separating them can still be a bit distracting. Not much sleep going on here.


The combination of homeschooling, nursing, twins, 4 kids, etc. has kept us at home a lot more this time around than with our previous two. The only problem with that is the twins haven’t learned to sleep well in other environments.  They rarely take a nap or go down anywhere but home. We have tried putting them down at grandma’s several times and they just won’t go to sleep.

I am dreading what our sleep might be like when we go camping in a few weeks. The idea of two crying/not sleeping babies doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Plus, the whole famdamily gets to hear it.

So, today we started an experiment.

Both boys are back to co-sleeping in the playpen that we hope to bring camping.

It started off like this.

co-sleeping 1

And, an hour later we are here. I am slightly worried that I can’t even see one of them, but they appear to be sleeping so I am going with it.

co-sleeping 2

Anyone volunteer to let us bring this to their house?

Royce’s Surgery

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our sweet little Royce had his umbilical surgery yesterday. It was also our 14 year wedding anniversary!

Here he is all ready to go back to the operating room.

Royce Pre Surgery

And post op. Not feeling so great.

Royce Post Surgery

I am thrilled to report that the surgery was quick and no internal exploration was needed. As soon as the anesthesia cleared his system he was his normal cheerful self.  Although he did take a nearly 5 hour nap! Sweet boy hasn’t even needed Tylenol.

Thank you Jesus for protecting us.


14 Months

Monday, May 21, 2012


A lot of things have happened in the last two months!  Both boys went through a bout with double ear infections.  I have yet to recover from the insanity of two insanely fussy babies. Amidst that, both boys completely weaned. And, we finally have a diagnosis for Roycey. Whew! I am tired!



When he hasn't been sick he has been such a goof ball. He does this head bobbing thing that cracks us all up.

Sporting a teething necklace.  I think it’s working?!

One of his first words is “Go”. We say “Ready, Set....” and he quickly chimes “GOOOO!”. He also says “Ella”, “Gank You”, “Hi”, and “Night Night”. He says “Dada” and “Mama” but he doesn't purposely call us by names yet.

Taking steps if he is holding onto something.

Loves crawling up and into things. Their favorite play spot is in the cabinet.

Favorite toy hands down is a ball.

Loves being outside.

Will be having surgery for a probable Urachal cyst at OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital. More to come on that.




Walking around objects that he can hold onto.

Loves closing doors.

Will ALWAYS, EVERYTIME, WITHOUT FAIL give me a kiss when asked.

Frequently crawls over and rests his head on us.  He stays for a little back rub or kiss and then he is off playing again.

Holds the phone (or any object) up to his ear and say “Hi” and then a bunch of gibberish.

Says “All Done”, “Go”, “Gank You”, “Night Night”, “Ella” and babbling.

Hands down favorite toy is a ball.

Both boys steal toys from one another and then get mad.  We have already seen a few little fights break out.

Loves being outside! 

I love my little men!

Easter Then & Now

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I am working on a longer (and long over due) post. But, for now here are a couple of pictures from Easter.

This is a perfect example of life in our house right now. We are just lucky if the picture gets taken- never mind smiling, eyes open, or everyone looking at the camera.  We didn’t get one picture from the carnival the previous day! #)$@#*!@!!


Easter 2011


Easter 2012


I HATE this picture of myself, but it’s fun to see how much the kids have changed since last year.




Brooklyn & Royce



Happy belated Easter!

12 Months Old

Thursday, March 29, 2012


My babies are one year old!

I have procrastinated writing this post, because in a very silly way it feels somewhat final.  The last chapter in their newborn & baby lives.  I have so enjoyed and treasured having babies in the house again. Many would say that the first two years of having twins is difficult and they would be right! But, it has also been filled with such joy & sweetness.


There are so many new adventures ahead- walking, talking, running, and all the wild things that boys will do. I am sure, I will say that I enjoy them best, right where they are at. But, one last time I do have to say that this year was special and my heart hurts a bit that has come so quickly.




At one years old he can be quite fickle! One meal he open his mouth wide open and close his eyes for each bite of food.  The next, he clamps his mouth shut and refuses to eat. Some days he eats a ton.

Gets pretty excited about his bottle of milk, but watch out when he’s done that glass bottle goes flying. My wood floors will forever bare the marks from this period of our life.

Climbing stairs (first attempt- laughing all the way)

Pulling to standing on everything. Often it’s at my legs as I am trying to make yet another meal!

Babbling Dada, Ella, Hi, Mama

Getting wiggly. Having a harder time sitting through church

Loves putting objects in and out of things




Always up for eating. Both boys can eat an astonishing amount of food.

Loves his bottle of milk

Right on Royce’s tail if not leading the way to trouble

The morning of their first birthday they were both found throwing their new toys into the toilet

Says Hi, Ella, Bye Bye, Dada, Mama, Thank you

Parroting back words

Recognizing attention and will put on a little show, especially to make his sisters laugh

Pretty happy all the time

And a few reasons why this post took so long….








And, that’s a wrap on the first year!

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