11 Months

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nearly the last post of an amazing year.  It’s pretty incredible actually. They are still babies, but everyday they are changing, doing new things, surprising us all. I wouldn’t trade this year (one of the hardest and most fulfilling of my life) for anything.  But, I am jumping ahead of myself it’s only 11 months for heavens sake.



Royce Monthly Pics


Alternates between crawling and army crawling adds in a head stand every now and then

When he claps it’s a full arm & body experience

High Fives

Calls “ELLA!” We do this a hundred times a day

Has to started to taste test every bite of food. Especially his first bite.

Often spits foods back out

All the sudden doesn’t like certain foods

Loves strawberries, Mum Mums, string cheese, roasted seaweed, and purees

Has started arching his back and throwing his head backwards when he doesn’t want to cooperate. Yay! Training must begin.

Favorite game is throwing an object and retrieving it

Has a full set of top teeth & bottom teeth (no molars)

11 Months

Lawson Monthly Pics


Gone through a week or two of a Mama stage. I am thoroughly enjoying it. If I am sitting on the ground, he is in my lap as fast as he can get there.

Hybrid crawler.  He is quick.

Often wrapped around my ankles



High Fives

Pulling up to his knees. Sometimes on one leg/one knee

Favorite game is throwing an object and retrieving it

Likes to steal whatever Royce is playing with

Has no regard for Royce’s feelings when he wants what Royce has

Full set of top & bottom teeth (no molars)


Goofy boys


Documenting Each Month

Monday, February 20, 2012

I have an 11 month post in the works, but prior to putting it up, I thought I might show a few behind the scenes pictures. They might give you a little look into what life is really like in our house.








Happy Monday!

10 Months Old

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Royce & Lawson

We’ve got some serious army crawlers in the house.  Oh boy!


It’s kiling me that we are two months away from them being a year old. I have anxiety over it! I love them so much as babies. I really fight wanting them to grow up. They very well could be our last baby(s).


Royce Monthly Pics


Gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth.

Army crawls small distances.

Has a thing with any food that is somewhat textured. Not as much into table food yet.

Slower eater than Lawson.

Smiley nearly all the time.

Less likely to fear being handed off to someone else.

Waves bye-bye.

Very ticklish. Laughs easily.

Reminds me of his middle sister.

Loves his lamby. Every time we get him up from a nap he is holding lamby. He is often found sleeping on him (or her?)

Looks chubbier than Lawson but actually weighs less.

Half inch taller than Lawson.

Getting top teeth.


Lawson Monthly Pics


Army crawling every where.

Up on all fours.

Starting to find things to get into.

Eats anything and everything.

Weighs more than Royce. Little brother has come from a half pound behind at birth to now weigh a pound more. That’s a 1.5 lb. weigh gain over big brother!

Shorter than Royce by a half inch.

Has more anxiety over being handed off.

Loves clapping his hands.

Reminds me of his oldest sister.

Usually up first in the morning and at naps.

Throws lamby around more than snuggles with him/her.

Top teeth almost in.

May I Never Forget

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How she calls each of them “that guy”.


9 Months Old

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Royce & Lawson

The babies have been here nearly the same amount of time I carried them within me. How can that be?  Is my posting sounding like a broken record? 



Royce Monthly Pics


Yeah! Big brother is sitting up.

Started getting his first tooth after Lawson but quickly added the second tooth (bottom middle).

Looks like he is going to out weigh Lawson at their 9 month checkups.

Super excited about his first Nerf basketball and football.  It’s hilarious how boys know immediately how to hold/palm a ball. A completely natural action.

Loves playing with phones and remotes.

My best nursing baby.

Still almost every diaper of both boys is poopy!  Ridiculous.

Quick little hands that grab the food bowl in the flash of a second. Hello! Food everywhere!

I keep a glass canister of cheerios out now. They save my life for a few minutes of each day.  Both boys are doing some self feeding- cheerios, toast, egg yolk, and string cheese to name a few. 



Lawson Monthly Pics


 My little singer and screecher.

Two bottom teeth.

More of an eater than nurser.  Possibly why he has less chub than Royce. Did you know that baby fat usually peaks at 9 months of age.

Agile self feeder.

Is quite intentional about his movement. Even though they aren’t crawling he can get where he wants to be.

Is so funny.  He can ham it up.

Easily tickled.  Laughs & Laughs.

Has started to freak out about “strangers” or people he isn’t comfortable with.  Royce does this too and can be set off by Lawson.

Very happy playing by himself. Doesn’t need much entertaining.


We are excited for our first Christmas!  I can’t imagine life without these two precious boys. 

Kids & Christmas

Monday, December 19, 2011

It’s the week before Christmas and I had not a present wrapped, until my sister came over and bailed my booty out. 


The house is looking cheery. 





And, amongst all the Christmas decorations are two boxes that hold little Christmas toys and trinkets. The girls ever so excited to open their Christmas boxes, reveling in every item from each Christmases past.  All the extra stuff can drive me to tears, but for the kids it’s magic.  Like only magic can be from the Dollar Tree.


Christmas memories are being made.  Little hands decorating the tree, presents, and cookies.




And finally two special little presents under our tree. It’s babies first Christmas times two.  Merry Christmas everyone!


8 Months Old

Friday, November 18, 2011


Lawson & Royce

Look at these guys.  Aren’t they just the cutest little bundles of trouble you have ever seen? 

It just kills me that they are already 8 months old.  What in the world?!  It’s maybe been 8 weeks.  8 months, really??

Both boys are rolling all over the place.  I don’t think I am going to get another monthly picture of them on their backs.  They don’t stay in one place for long. They can get across the room if they really want to. Both are doing some interesting “worming”, but neither is crawling, or even sitting up on their own yet.  Both are sleeping really well at night!

The last month has been busy. We found out quite by accident that there is a need for identical twin babies in print and television work. Check out the Christmas Fred Meyer television commercial that starts running November 27th and you might get a quick glimpse of the boys at work. What an interesting experience!


Royce Monthly Pics


Sweet as always

Talking very quietly saying things like “Da Da” and “Ba Ba”

Taking some great naps and some really poor naps.  You never know what you’ll get.

Just about cutting first tooth

Always pulling my hair

Loves his sisters. When they walk in the room he breaks out in a full smile.

Had his first sickness this past month, a yucky cold with fever

Has graduated from puffs to full on cheerios.

I just love this sweet boy!


Lawson Monthly Pics


So very very smart

Almost always does something first

Screeches quite loudly

Can shovel handfuls of Cheerios into his mouth at one time

Trying to inch his body to something he wants

Has the cutest impish smile

Cut his first tooth

Turns on the fun when he see’s his sisters

Very interested in what’s going on around him

Almost always takes a good nap

I love this guy!!

7 Months

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


7 Months already!  They are literally growing and changing every single day. In the last month they had their first airplane ride.  They did really well on the flight down.  The return trip was a little bumpy.  We had to pull out the sugar packet (as recommended by a pediatric nurse) and sure enough just a little bit on the binky calmed Royce right down.  Also in the last month, the boys have been eating all sorts of new fruits and vegetables.  They haven’t shown an aversion to anything we have given them. What good little eaters!


Royce Monthly Pics


Tender hearted.  Can be easily startled.

Overall very content.

Smiles so easily.

Loves, Loves, Loves to snuggle and take naps with mom.

Still keeps in close when held.

Lights up when he see’s his sisters.  So cute!

Hair puller.  Argh!

Still likes nursing more than eating solids. But, is a great solid food eater too.

Loves his baby puffs, but likes them even better when you put them in his mouth.

Doesn’t roll over that often. Just a day will change things!

Not sitting up.


Lawson Monthly Pics


He is a rolling machine.

Will turn 360 degrees on stomach to get an object he wants.

Now sleeps on his tummy.

Very full of it.  Whatever it is!?

Mr. Smiley

Lights up when he sees his sisters.  Again, so cute!

Goes down awake every time.

Loves his solid food.  Hasn’t turned up anything. Eats two bites to Royce’s one.

Loves his baby puffs.  He will grab a handful and try to get them all in his mouth.

Goes nuts on a teething biscuit.

Loves grabbing your face (and I have the scratches to prove it).

More vocal.  Laughs more often than Royce.

Should get his first tooth any day now. 

Not sitting up.


On the move. Has it begun already?

6 Months Old

Monday, September 19, 2011


The big sixth month mark is here!  These guys are getting to be so smiley and fun.  It’s been a month full of changes.  They are both sleeping through the night again!  We decided to let them figure it out (o.k. cry it out) one night.  It was a looong night, but it (and a whole lot of prayer from many people- thank you!) did the trick.  The next night they slept through without waking and have consistently been sleeping from 10:30-5:30 without a feeding.  Most mornings they will go back to sleep for at least another hour. Thank God for sleep!

With the season changes we are now back into full time school.  It has been a challenge balancing and maintaining every child's different needs. I am only one person and there are four of them. I am grateful to have some hired helping hands here for a couple of hours two times a week.  It helps keep me sane. The grandma’s are pretty busy these days and we are seeing less and less of them… Boo Hoo!

As I write this post, this is what is happening at my house.  It wasn’t intentional so I decided not to move them.  Praying nap time still lasts more than 10 minutes.



Royce Monthly Pics


Oh such a lovey boy

He is a natural snuggler.  When you hold him he stays very close and doesn’t push away.  He will put his head down on your should just to get extra love.

Loves solid food

Eating 2 solid food meals a day (rice cereal with bananas, avocados, mangos, pears, and sweet potatoes)

Has become my early bird but can be convinced to sleep in a little bit more if I let him sleep with me

Can be calmed by his sisters singing “Jesus Loves Me”.  Such a sweet thing to have the girls jump in and start singing when the boys are crying. Especially in the car.

Loves playing with his feet

Not sitting up

Rolling from back to tummy

Doesn’t really like being on his stomach

Will NOT put any weight on his feet when you hold him in a standing position


Lawson Monthly Pics


So smiley and fun

Has become a great sleeper.  He goes down to sleep very easily. 

He is also very snuggly.  Both of them really prefer to be held close as much as possible. 

Loves solid food

Will eat and eat and eat

Still the fastest eater of the two

My little grunter/growler

More vocal in general

Usually does something first

Loves the jumper

Not sitting up

Rolling over but really happy just being on his back

Tolerates being on his stomach

Will NOT put weight down on his feet when you hold him in a standing position


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